Influence your visbility

Understand and help impact your visibility

Millions of travelers visit Expedia Group sites every day to shop for their travel needs. We use multiple factors, including traveler search criteria and past booking behavior, to deliver optimal property search results that provide travelers with the most relevant properties and deals every time they search. Understanding the factors that influence your display can help you optimize your visibility and boost the bookings generated for your property.

Offer Strength

A benchmark of your price relative to value, that takes into account your average display price versus the rest of the market, guest reviews, and how many customers recommend your property.

Quality Score

A measure of how well you partner with Expedia Group, that takes into account the completeness of your content, the amount of cancellations you make, and your room and rate competitiveness on Expedia Group sites.


When you have optimized your Offer Strength and Quality Score, you can further influence your visibility by increasing the compensation you pay to Expedia Group during the times you need it most.

Partner Central Accelerator


Help increase your visibility during the times you need it most.

  • Increase the compensation that you pay Expedia Group for select, targeted dates in order to influence your visibility
  • Preview potential impacts based on current market conditions
  • Maintain flexibility and independent control to adjust or delete as your needs change
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Partner Central Promotions


Influence your visibility and help increase your conversion.

  • Offer Package Promotions to attract travelers that tend to stay twice as long, book earlier, and have lower cancellation rates
  • Target over 69 million members on Expedia Group sites and a selection of our affiliates with Members Only Deals
  • Use Value Add Promotions to incentivize travelers to choose your property without discounting your rates
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What our partners are saying

Accelerator affords us the ability to keep up with the larger chain hotels who have more robust advertising budgets to gain market share and exposure.

Director of Revenue
Individual Property Management Group

The Promotions tool in Partner Central helped us increase room nights by 450% in 2016. We’ve never seen almost instantaneous growth through any other online supplier.

Emma H.
Front Desk Manager

Value Add Promotions are a great way to encourage a guest to book with us, while keeping our average daily rate strong.

Robert L.
Vice President of Hotel Revenue Optimization and Customer Care